Membership – Sub Committees


This committee develops and implements plans for recruiting new members and seeks to have a balance of classification and diversity among members.

New Member Process

This committee monitors, reviews, conducts and assists as appropriate all actions involving proposal through induction into the Club. This committee shall inform prospective members about the privileges and responsibilities of Rotary membership.


This club assigns mentors for new members and oversees the orientation of new members during their first year in the club.

Attendance & Retention

This committee devises means for encouraging attendance at Rotary meetings, district conferences, intercity meetings, regional conferences and conventions. keeps all members informed about attendance requirements and provides recognition for perfect attendance. This committee shall coordinate “fireside chats”, termination functions, and activities designed to retain members.

Care & Concern 

This committee insures dissemination of information about members and their families that have care and concern situations.


This committee develops, plans, and conducts social activities which enhance membership development and friendship.