Alamo Heights Rotary Club
(Revised August 2023)

  1. Proposer obtains Proposal/Information formand a copy of the Responsibilities for Proposerof New Member document from Executive Secretary or from the Alamo Heights Rotary Club web site ( ). In the event the proposed new member is actually an individual “transferring” from another Rotary Club who has obtained a letter from the loosing club that is functioning as the “proposer” in accordance with established RI guidelines, the Membership Committee will arrange for an Alamo Heights Rotarian to assist the proposed member transition into the club and will expedite the processing of the application and briefing based on the actual familiarity of the proposed new member with Rotary.
  2. Proposer reviews his/her responsibilities (see Alamo Heights Rotary web site), completes the Proposal/Information form and turns it in to the Executive Secretary.
  3. The Executive Secretary forwards the proposal to the New Member Process Committee Chair who determines appropriate classification and eligibility and returns the form to the Executive Secretary who puts the proposal before the Board of Directors.
  4. The Board of Directors approves or disapproves the proposal. The goal is to have completed this action within 10 days of the proposal being submitted. In the event of disapproval, the Executive Secretary will inform the proposer of the action taken. While the approval process is taking place, the Mentoring Committee will be identifying the Rotarian (in addition to the proposer) who will mentor the new member.
  5. If the proposed new member is a former Rotarian, the Executive Secretary will forward a request to the last Rotary Club the individual was a member requesting a certificate confirming the fact that the individual was a member of the Club, is no longer an active member of the club, and has paid all debts owed to that club. If necessary, the Executive Secretary will coordinate the specific dates that the transferring member will end/start membership. This request is not required if provided by the proposed member when his/her proposal is turned in. The Executive Secretary will follow up on this request at least once every two weeks until received. The Board and New Member Process Committee will be kept informed of the progress of the response. RI authorizes us to assume that there is no debt if a response from the previous club is not received within 30 days or being requested.
  6. The approved proposal is provided to the New Member Process Committee immediately following Board approval.
  7. The New Member Process Committee is responsible for assigning the Rotarian who will coordinate and conduct the Membership Information Briefing following Board approval. That Committee immediately coordinates with the proposer to arrange for the proposed member to receive a briefing by a representative of that committee. When possible, the proposer, mentor, and spouse should be at that briefing. The goal is to have this action completed within 14 days of Board approval.
  8. A representative of the New Member Process Committee along with others, as appropriate, will meet with and brief all of the proposers and prospective members who have been approved by the Board. The prospective member will be (a) asked to update the original Proposal/Information Form and (b) given a copy of the Application for Membership, and an addressed envelope to the club’s PO Box. The proposer will follow up with the proposed member if no response is received within two weeks and continue following up with the proposed member until the application form and monies are received or the individual decides they are not interested in becoming a Rotarian. The proposer will keep the Executive Secretary and New Member Processing Committee Chair informed no later than the 15th and 30th of each month of the status. The Executive Secretary will keep the Board informed of the progress of this action.
  9. Upon receipt of the fees/dues, the Executive Secretary or New Member Processing Committee Chair will forward the monies to the Club Treasurer. Upon receipt of the completed application and updated Proposal/Information sheet and, if a former Rotarian, receipt of the certificate from the previous Rotary Club, the New Member Processing Committee Chair will notify the Rotator Editor to place the membership proposal notice in the next Rotator.
  10. If a written objection stating the reason and providing supporting material has been received by the Board of Directors from any member within seven days of publication in the Rotator, payment for admission fees and dues having already been received, the objection will be considered as specified in the club bylaws at the next Board meeting. If no written objection is received within seven days of publication of the notice, the proposed member is considered to be elected to membership on the eighth day following publication.
  11. Introduction/Induction. The New Member Process Committee will coordinate with the Executive Secretary and schedule the new member’s introduction to the club (Induction Ceremony). The Executive Secretary will provide the Membership Packet of information. The New Member Process Committee will provide the Executive Secretary any materials to be provided in addition to the commercially purchased Membership Packet. The Membership committee will arrange for the new member’s badge. The New Member Process Committee will brief all individuals involved in and coordinate all activities at the Induction Ceremony.
  12. The Proposer and Mentor will assist the new member in completing the items on the New Member Mentoring Form and in all other ways being assimilated into the club. The Mentoring Committee will monitor the progress of all mentoring activities for new members. The Attendance & Retention committee will monitor new members attendance and accomplish necessary actions to insure minimum attendance is attained.
  13. In situations where regular weekly in-person lunch meetings or other in-person meetings cannot be arranged in a timely basis, the briefings and documentation may be accomplished by online, phone, or USPS services. The completion of each step in the processing procedure will be, in accordance with the club bylaws, provided to all interested parties: “All interested parties shall be informed during each step of the new member election process including the President, President-elect, Membership Committee Chair, Proposer, Treasurer, appropriate membership sub-committee chairs, and others as appropriate.” Note that “appropriate membership sub-committee chairs” will always include the New Member Processing Committee Chair, the Mentoring Committee Chair, and the Attendance Committee Chair.