Meeting Location & Time

The Alamo Heights Rotary Club meets at lunchtime at The Petroleum Club every Tuesday at 12 pm (Noon)*

The Petroleum Club is on the 7th Floor of the North building in Energy Plaza at 8620 N. New Braunfels, San Antonio, TX 78217. 210-824-9014. MAP 

Our meals are the Petroleum Club lunch buffet, available as a full meal or only a salad option. Individuals not wishing to eat a meal may attend and pay a meeting fee which provides coffee or tea and a dessert. Because of the current Petroleum Club guidelines, all tables are currently set up for four persons.

The meetings are hybrid meetings also accessible on ZOOM.  You do not need a reservation to join us at lunch. Contact the Club Executive Secretary (210-867-5568) to obtain a link to join any lunch meeting online. There is no cost for a guest to join online.

*Lunch meetings are normally not held on the last two Tuesdays in December and the last Tuesday in June.

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The Alamo Heights Rotary Club (AHRC) and Alamo Heights Night LLC (AHNLLC) Monthly Board meetings are announced at our lunch meetings and in our weekly newsletter the Rotator. The meeting format (in-person, online, or hybrid), the location, agenda for the meetings and the minutes from the previous meeting are sent to Board members and others that are expected to be at the Board meetings. All Club members are welcome to the meetings. Anyone not receiving the Agenda and Minutes that wishes to attend in-person meetings may do so. If you wish to attend the meeting on zoom, you can contact our Executive Secretary (210-867-5568) to obtain the link, password, and ID for the online meeting.

Please do not attend in-person if you are sick or should be temporarily quarantined because of recent contact with infected individuals. Attend online in those situations.