AH Rotary Dues Procedures


(This copy contains only the approved procedures less the background history)

1.  Dues for members of the AH Rotary club are specified in the club bylaws.  As of July 2023 the dues are spelled out as $400 per year with normal payments made in 6 month increments of $200 each for the periods July-December and January-June.  Dues are due by the first day of each period.

Payment may be made by credit or debit card. You may do so securely by clicking on the following PayPal button even if not a PayPal customer. You may also pay by debit or credit card at regularly scheduled Club lunch meetings.

Dues Payment

2. To accommodate special needs, our club permits members to pay on a monthly/quarterly payment plan.

3.  Termination for non-payment of dues is covered in the AH Rotary Club Constitution.  That document also specifies the time period for late payment. (“Any member failing to pay dues within thirty (30) days after the prescribed time shall be notified in writing by the secretary at the member’s last known address.  If the dues are not paid on or before ten (10) days of the date of notification, membership may terminate, subject to the discretion of the board.”)

4.  The following procedures were approved by the board:

a.  Dues notices are to be sent out by email to all who have email and by person or regular mail for those who do not have email capability. This will be accomplished by the Treasurer.
b.  Dues should go directly to the Treasurer or the Executive Secretary who will give them to the Treasurer.
c.  After 30 days, the Rotarian Secretary will send either an email or regular letter notice to anyone who has not paid their dues, advising them they have 10 days to pay them.
d.  After those 10 days have passed, the Treasurer will provide the Dues Committee ( a subcommittee of the Administration Committee) a list of members who have not paid their dues.  Upon notifying the Dues committee, the Treasurer has no additional responsibilities for following up on obtaining payment, except for recording payments received and keeping the Membership and Dues committees updated on these payments.
e.   Once the Dues Committee has been notified that dues have not been received (at the end of the 10 day second notice), they will have a representative of the committee (more than one if the list is large) contact the identified delinquent members to determine:

 (1) If a mistake has been made and dues were actually paid (coordination will be made with the Treasurer to update the records). Or
(2) If no mistake has been made:
(a) Arrange for payment (Note also that a payment plan option could be made to spread out the payments, but if the individual fails to meet the plan, the other option (termination) should be taken. Or
(b)  If they are unable to pay, see (d) below. Or
(c)  If they are unwilling to pay, arrange to have them terminated (see f below).
(d) If in the opinion of the Membership Committee representative the situation can be salvaged by the President (or possibly some other club member), the case should be referred to the President or other member for assistance prior to termination.

f.  It is recommended that these actions be taken within 3 weeks of the end of the past due notice period.  If the Dues Committee is unable to resolve the issue, they will recommend to the board at the next regularly scheduled meeting, that the individual should be dropped from membership.
g.  The board will then vote to retain or terminate the member.
h.  The Executive Secretary will then take the necessary actions to record/report this.
i.  If some form of payment plan option has been arranged before the second past due time has occurred, the Treasurer may continue to collect the dues.  If a payment plan schedule is not being honored by the member, the collection arrangements should be turned over to the membership committee.