Click here for a Funding Request Form (2020 Edition)

The 2020 edition of the Request Form will continue to be used until it is replaced or updated.

AHRC Club members requiring access to the Charitable Funding Guidelines document will find it in the Important Documents block of the NEWS Section of our Fellow Pages Club Directory.

Applications for charitable funding ARE CURRENTLY being accepted until March 24, 2023.  If an application is submitted after March 24, it will not be reviewed or considered.

Applicants who may have received charitable funding within the past 12 months of a new application to be submitted in 2023 are reminded that the report required by paragraph 10 of the application form from the prior year must be received prior to the March 24, 2023 date or the new application will not be considered. That report may contain the information about what has been completed with the previously received funds and/or what is still yet to be accomplished.

When submitted, applications must be completed in accordance with the Guidelines and Policies included in the 2020 Edition of the Funding Request Form. Incomplete applications and/or applications not also signed by a sponsoring Alamo Heights Rotary Club Rotarian will NOT be processed nor considered.

Supported Charities

Click here for a page containing a listing by year of the non-profit organizations that have received charitable contributions from the Alamo Heights Rotary Club and/or the Alamo Heights Night LLC since 1992. The year listed reflects our fiscal year which starts in July of that year and continues through June of the following year. Detailed records are not available prior to1992. Funds distributed in one year are normally those that were raised during the preceding fiscal year and in some cases (since 2009) in the same year. The contributions listed are in addition to numerous individual scholarships for academic and vocational training, funds raised by non-profit organizations participating in Alamo Heights Night, and the numerous community service projects carried out each year by the Alamo Heights Rotary Club.