On behalf of the Alamo Heights Rotary Club, thank you for your interest in our organization. I encourage you to browse our web site and discover how our over 74 years of “Service Above Self” has improved the communities we serve and supported various nonprofit organizations helping those in need. It is the reason why we join together in a fellowship which leverages many different skills, talents, and resources to help improve the lives of those around us. We do it because, quite simply, it is the right thing to do, it builds community, and it brings a satisfaction that only service to others can bring. Established in 1948, we are a club with a proud past, involved present, and a philanthropic, promising future.

Sam Haley, President
Alamo Heights Rotary

This pdf document contains the front and backof the trifold Alamo Heights Rotary InformationBrochure. It may be downloaded and reproduced.


ALAMO HEIGHTS NIGHT® is an official Fiesta® San Antonio event

If you shop at AMAZON, please change your browser link to shop at AMAZONSMILE and at no added cost you will help raise funds for our community projects and scholarships. Almost everything you purchase will generate a 0.5% donation to us. A direct link to sign up is: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/74-2734913 . That link will take you to a page that looks like the picture following this paragraph.  It should say you are donating to the Alamo Heights Night LLC which is our 501c(3) foundation.  Click on start shopping and replace your link to AMAZON with the one provided and you will automatically go to the AMAZONSMILE page and be able to place orders like you were used to doing.